Bangladeshi Tavolone- 25 October


Sammi of Meraz Cafe Karahi house will be Tavolone’s second guest chef on 25 October. Sammi has been a great friend to us at OpenBusiness and we’ve been regulars at Meraz Cafe for over 6 years. The cuisine for the evening will be a mixture bagladeshi, pakistani and indian food. Amongst the different dishes on our special menu for the night Sammi will be cooking a dish made from dried Jute leaves that he can remember his mother making for special occasions,  Sukhna Nalee Saag, home style  Korma (no cream in here) and Christian’s favourite Saag Gosht.

Meraz has been running from the same site on Hanbury Street off Bricklane since 1974 – and the food is still the same genuine, home style fare.  Have a look through the window and you’ll always see a bunch of Bangladeshi locals having a meal or a cup of tea. If you want to try what is absolutely the best curry available in London, before you come to Tavolone find Sammi at Meraz Cafe.

But you don’t have to believe us- check this review from the East End’s favourite artists Gilbert and George.

Tavolone will be hosted by Mother.


Korma Original
Drumsticks slowly cooked with fresh ghee, chopped onions, selective garam massala, crushed garlic and ginger.

Lamb shank, slowly cooked over night with fresh ginger herbs and spices. Seasoning and spices are mixed with the marrow from the bone and wheat flour and cooked again to create a perfect balance of taste. Lastly, it should be garnished with finely chopped ginger, mint leaf, green chilli and lemon.

Sag gosth
Boneless cubes of meat cooked with spice and spinach- Christian’s favourite dish in the Meraz menu

Torka dhal
Red split lentil’s cooked with onion and spices. Seasoned with garlic, Birds Eye chilli and some whole cumin seeds.

Sukhna Nalee sag
Sundried baby jute leaves fried with finely chopped onion and spices.
(Sammi’s mother’s recipe)

Different wines are supplied for each course by Borough Wine, London Fields