Tavolone Tapas weekend with Lock7 and Outside Party on the Canal

Tapas Night

On Friday night the 29th June Tavolone is transforming Lock7, our favourite bike shop and cafe into a tapas bar. The cafe is the bike shop right beside the canal off Broadway Market. Expect our usual long tables, wild flowers, some wine or beer and an excellent mix of Mediterranean tapas.

You can book a place here if you want to make sure you get a space - or you can wander by on the night and have a look at what's going on.

Mediterranean Tapas Selection Menu

Olives -  £1
Fried Maize Kernels - £1

Iberian Spinach Tortilla
spinach, some garlic, egg £5

Fish Selection
choose a plate of:  lightly smoked mackerel, or Nardin Boquerones £5

Charcuterie Selection
choose: Alejandro chorizo,  or Iberico Ham £5

artisan sheeps milk cheese with quince paste £5

Navarrico Chickpea, Zuchini and Saffron Stew £5

Padron Peppers
Pan Fried Green Galician Peppers (one in 12 is hot so watch out) £5

Grilled Chorizo Mild and Bread £5

Bread provided by E5 Bakery

Barley Salad £5

Booking a place is £15 per person and you can choose any 3 of our Tapas plates when you arrive. This time wine is not included but we'll be selling wine and beer by the

Bookings are limited to 40 and if you're booking you need to turn up between 6 and 7 to ensure that you get a seat immediately. If you're a bit late it won't matter but you might not get a table straight away.

Garden Party

Then on Saturday we will launch a new, pop-up, garden party on the lock with a bar and BBQ. The garden is tucked away from the road and is directly on Regents canal. We are going to serve Aperol Spritz, wine and beer, chorizo burgers and grilled vege burgers. Theres no booking for this- just turn up.

Close to busy Broadway Market, Tavolone, in conjunction with Lock7, will provide an area to relax and stretch out your weary feet lying on the grass and enjoy a glass or two. If you're feeling adventurous you can climb over the canal or instead you can wander over the bridge and walk down beside the Lock7 cafe.