Here some of our friends, who supply us with delicious food, or cook with us incredibly yummy dishes, or who we like to work with.

Brindisa – from them we get the best Spanish ingredients you can get in the UK (more than just ham).

La Rochelle Canteen Our favorite restaurant – here is where we did help with some cooking and come to relax with delicious food that relaxes and inspires at the same time.

Ginger Pig If you like good meat from happy pigs and other animals this is your butcher of choice.

Leila’s Shop Another foodie friend of Tavolone – Leila McAlister runs what looks like a mixture of 1920′s green grocer and bohemian cafe. She sources great quality veggies and other delicatessen. When we run out of ham this is where go.

Mother London Based on Red Church this is the home of long tables where we do Tavolone events and have fun using an excellent kitchen.

Borough Wines Good table wine is what we looked for and this is where we get it. Straight from the cask – a’la mescita – we fill the bottles and then straight to the table.

Meraz Cafe Just off Brick Lane on Hanbury Street is Sami’s restaurant. Intimate, friendly and delicious curries – different to other restaurants its more like Bangladeshi homecooking.

Frank Hannon is a great artist – and not only in the kitchen – sometimes we cook together. He’s toiled in kitchens like River Cafe and Moro’s – we adore them.